The Sara Blouse
The Sara Blouse
The Polka-Dot Palm

The Sara Blouse

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From the polo fields in Palm Beach to the poshest parties of the season, Audrey is a classic beauty. Audrey + jeans = casual day wear. Audrey + a silk wrap = party time. Audrey + PJ pants = breakfast at Tiffany's.

Audrey comes with silk knit cufflinks and ribbon tie closures so you can wear your sleeves down under a jacket or you can roll up and still have a ribbon closure! Ribbon detail on the back collar adds to the fun! 

The shirt is 55/45 cotton/poplin for Wrinkle Resistance that is perfect for a weekday or vacationing right out of the suitcase!  Breast darts help it hang beautifully!

Every one wears our shirts differently.  Some ladies wear it open like a jacket, some wear it buttoned all of the way up, some like it untucked, and some like to wear it tucked in.

Made in United States

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