Black Leather Belt - Smooth Effect
Black Leather Belt - Smooth Effect
Black Leather Belt - Smooth Effect

Black Leather Belt - Smooth Effect

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Its new leather belt is a contemporary version of our clothing habits. We have worked to offer you a discreet, refined model but also different. Let's talk about its details :  


This belt has a smooth and satin effect. 

Although this leather belt is flat, supple and thin, it remains above all robust. We have chosen leather material which preserves its quality over time.


The belt is 3.4 cm wide. The wide fits perfectly with many male trouser loops. 

We have chosen a modern design at the end of the belt. We didn't want a rounded or pointed shape as classical. So we have decided to file the leather belt's end to respect the principal lines of its design. 


The matt black metal buckle of this belt has a double function. The first one is aesthetic because it adopts a pure and modern rectangular style. The second is to replace the leather belt loop often added after the buckle to maintain it simply and easily.

  • Made in Italy
  • Soft and light black leather belt
  • Smooth texture and slightly satin effect
  • Double black metal buckle that also works as a loop.
  • Adjustable length
  • Logo BILLYBELT embossing on both ends


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